KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in higher education


The primary motivation of Drones4GREEN is to promote new business opportunities in the domain of drone technology by establishing an open learning environment that will enable the acquisition of competencies and skills related to the drone technology. Drones4GREEN aims to create an updated HEI curricula that will provide the practical and theoretical knowledge required for capitalizing the drone technology into industrial settings and paving the path towards an industrywide “greenification” and sensitization towards environmental and climatic parameters.

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It will confront aspects related to the professional use and exploitation of drone technology such as drone technical deployment and maintenance, data acquisition storage and visualization, security and privacy issues and regulation framework. In the context of raising environmental awareness and modernizing industrial applications,
Drones4GREEN will provide a “hands on” experience to students as they will design, develop and monitor drone deployment and operation in one real case scenario within industrial settings in an agricultural setup. Drones4GREEN will bring together HEIs, ICT companies, SMEs and the drone industry to jointly address the occupational profile needs for effective drone deployments.

Our Role in the Project

K3Y will lead the development of fully functional and operational mobile applications (designed for android/iPhone users) that will support drone flights. These applications will support "on-site" safe drone flights providing a formal decision support regarding (a) legal issues, (b) security issues, (c) weather reports and (d) available sites for flying drone educational services and activities. K3Y will also perform relevant beta-testing tasks to ensure the quality of the final product.