A Holistic Fire Management Ecosystem for Prevention, Detection and Restoration of Environmental Disasters

Advanced wildfire management system

Wildfires are unplanned and usually rage uncontrolled. Managing these fires is also a societal and ecological challenge. The EU-funded TREEADS project will focus on the forests at risk of wildfire to develop new products and integrate them in a holistic Fire Management platform aimed at optimising and reusing the existing socio-technological resources. The project proposes the use of a real-time risk assessment tool that can receive multiple classification inputs and works with an innovative neutral network-powered risk factor indicator. TREEADS will use alkali-activated construction materials integrating post-wildfire wood ashes to create a model of fire-adapted communities and use advanced techniques empowered by AI and diverse toolsets for prevention and preparedness.

Show the Project Objective


Considering the socio-ecological transition of Europe 2030, and towards a more resilient and informed community, focusing on the forests that are near wildfire risk, TREEADS aims to build upon state-of-the-art high TRL products and unite them in a holistic Fire Management platform that optimize and reuse per phase the available Socio-technological Resources in all three main phases of Wildfires. For the prevention and preparedness TREEADS propose the use of a real-time risk evaluation tool that can receive multiple classification inputs and work with a new proposed neural network-powered Risk factor indicator. To create a model of Fire adapted communities (FAC) in parallel to insurance incentives, TREEADS will use alkali activated construction materials (AAM) integrating post-wildfires wood ashes (PWA) for fire-resilient buildings and infrastructure. TREEADS also uses a variety of technological solutions such as the Copernicus infrastructure, and a swarm of small drones customized for accurate forest supervision. In the area of Detection TREEADS propose a variety of toolsets that will accommodate most needs. Stemming from Virtual reality for the training, wearables for the protective equipment of the emergency responders. to UAV (drones), UAG and airships for improving capacity in temporal and spatial analysis as well as to increase the inspected area coverage.. Last, TREEADS will build a new land and field-based restoration initiative that will use all modern techniques such as agroforestry, drones for seed spread, Internet of things sensors that will be able to adapt the seeding process based on the ground needs and on the same time with the help of AI to determine post-fire risks factors. TREEADS solution will be demonstrated and validated under real operating conditions. Demonstration will involve Eight complex pilot implementations executed in seven EU countries and in Taiwan.

Our Role in the Project

The company focuses on the quantification of Europe-wide geographical and socio-economic conditions affected by wildfires. Furthermore, the company is involved with the optimisation of first response processes, geared towards wildfire prevention, preparedness, detection and containment. Lastly, K3Y leads the efforts in eliciting ecological and environmental models of wildfires as well as standarisation and interoperability activities using European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) parameters, metrics and methodologies.