5G PPP – White Paper “Network Applications: Opening up 5G and Beyond networks”

October 5, 2023

The 5G PPP Software Network WG and most of ICT-41 projects published the version 2.0 of the white paper "Network Applications: Opening up 5G and Beyond networks".


Network Applications is seen as a full-potential enabler for future vertical industries beyond current deployment. Therefore, it must be considered along with other 6G enabling technologies in the next-generation network architecture. This paper focuses on the different technical aspects of Network Application, new business models for all stakeholders, experimental facilities to support Network Application, and new Network Intelligence (NI) solutions that can be enabled by using Network Application.


This white paper is the second published by the Software Network WG and it goes into the implementation details of the two major Network Applications: “aaS” and hybrid models.


This paper closes the plan of the Software Network WG in 5G PPP era. In 6G-IA/SNS JU, the Working Group name becomes “Reliable Software Network WG” grouping topics like AI/ML, Security, DevSecOps, distributed orchestration etc.


Download the white paper here and read about the platform of 5G INDUCE project.