INCODE 3rd Plenary Meeting

June 25, 2024

During 5-6 June 2024, the INCODE partners gathered for their third Plenary Meeting. Hosted by Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions in the sunny Cypriot city of Limassol, the meeting was held to share the progress and challenges in the different work packages, allowing for opportunities to openly discuss crucial issues and solutions in ongoing activities.


Our team participated in discussions on the progress of each Work Package, underscoring our dedication to developing innovative and secure open platforms within the dynamic IoT landscape. The collaboration was driven by a socio-environmentally conscious approach, with all partners working across all project verticals to promote sustainable solutions.


Notably, during the plenary meeting, K3Y Ltd presented the current status of a cutting-edge Software Attestation-MDC module designed to detect malicious activities during pre-deployment phases in containerized environments. The presentation emphasized our commitment to open science through the creation of a real-world dataset that will be published and increase project visibility. Constructive feedback was provided by partners on incorporating additional features, which further illuminated this critical area. The presentation concluded with an update on the current status, functionalities, and planned deployment actions of the Attack Mitigation Service.




Find more information about the event here.