INCODE – Application Area 2: Utilities Inspection

December 20, 2023



INCODE Application Area 2 aims to demonstrate how a legacy high voltage (HV) substation can be transformed into a prototype digitised substation by using the INCODE platform and deploying smart utility services on top of it. IPTO leads this Application Area defining the service requirements and providing its expertise in industrial sensors, protocols and services in the vertical sector. Arhs Developments, the University of West of Scotland, the University of Patras, AXON Logic and Uni Systems focus on the implementation of the two Use Cases (UCs).


Use Cases


The UCs of Application Area 2 address real-time monitoring and intelligent data analysis services, as well as critical infrastructure inspection. The first UC helps improve preventive maintenance activities for the HV substation by using metering data and performing advanced data analysis algorithms in real-time to monitor substation status, predict power events, generate alarms, etc. The second UC uses drone technology and advanced image processing algorithms for intrusion detection to enhance the security of this critical infrastructure.


Next Steps


While the definition of key elements such as software and hardware components and the preparation of application requirements have already been addressed, the partners are now ready to tackle the major challenges to achieve the objectives of Application Area 2. The key will be to identify and fully exploit the capabilities of the INCODE platform combined with the maximum performance of each software and hardware component. In addition, INCODE offers a diverse pool of partners with high levels of expertise, laying the foundation for further knowledge acquisition and experimentation with other technologies and concepts, including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


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