INCODE at the Concertation and Consultation on Computing Continuum Meeting: From Cloud to Edge to IoT

June 15, 2023

Leading researchers, decision-makers, and industry professionals gathered in Brussels on May 10–11, 2023, for the much awaited two-day Concertation and Consultation Meeting on Computing Continuum: From Cloud to Edge to IoT organized by the European Cloud, Edge and IoT Continuum Initiative. The occasion served as a key forum for discussion and planning regarding the future of research and innovation in the European ICT community.


INCODE presented its mission and objectives alongside over 25 other EU Cloud Edge IoT projects. Under the strategic guidance of the European Commission’s (EC) DG Connect, the Open Continuum project organized the “Concertation and Consultation Meeting on Computing Continuum” with the assistance of Unlock CEI and SWForum.


INCODE’s Project Coordinators John Avramidis and Lina Giannakandropoulou presented the project alongside over 25 initiatives working on the future of cloud edge IoT technologies.


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