K3Y Ltd authors a paper on “HYPER: Healthcare Cybercrime Protection Framework”

August 11, 2023

K3Y Ltd is proud to announce that the paper entitled "HYPER: Healthcare Cybercrime Protection Framework" has been published by IEEE ComSoc MMTC Communications Frontiers: https://mmc.committees.comsoc.org/files/2023/06/MMTC-Mar-2023.pdf


The authors (George Amponis, Sofia Giannakidou, George Nakas, Marios Siganos, Vasileios Stamatis, Savvas Ouzounidis, George Kakamoukas, Evangelos Mourikis, Maria Zevgara and Antonios Sarigiannidis) present an architectural framework for implementing cyber security in regards to private health-related data.


This work was implemented in the context of SANCUS Project.