Report on the cybersecurity and resiliency of the EU communications infrastructures and networks

April 9, 2024

EU Member States, with the support of the Commission and ENISA (the EU Agency for Cybersecurity) presented a report on the cybersecurity and resilience of the EU communications infrastructures and networks.


The report identifies threats to communication networks and infrastructure, which exploit vulnerabilities and can pose significant risks to the security and resilience of connectivity infrastructure. The findings on identified threats include, among others, wipers, which can delete or corrupt data on targeted systems, ransomware attacks, supply chain attack and physical attacks.


Based on these findings and, in addition to the risk scenarios already identified in the EU Coordinated risk assessment of 5G networks, the report develops ten strategic risk scenarios, such as a supply chain attack to gain access to the infrastructure of operators or a coordinated physical sabotage attack on digital infrastructure.


Read the press release that European Commission issued and find the report here.