The 2nd joint newsletter from EUFireProjectsUnited is now available!

May 30, 2024

Firelogue is an EU Coordination and Support Action (CSA) which connects the three EU Innovation Actions (IAs / TREEADS - SILVANUS - FIRE RES) and supports them by integrating their results across all stakeholders and phases of Wildfire Risk Management (WFRM) and to connect them with existing insights from projects such FirEUrisk.


Firelogue’s main goal is to unite as many fire-related projects as possible and to identify fields for collaboration. So, Firelogue’s first effort is to create common dissemination actions with the IAs and other fire related projects. #EUFireProjectsUnited consists of Firelogue, SILVANUS, TREEADS, FIRE-RES, FirEUrisk, SAFERS, FIRE-ADAPT and PYROLIFE.


The first issue of the newsletter introduces the projects’ aims and goals while identifying and addressing all the critical gaps in wildfire challenges, while the second issue is focusing on projects' current progress and main results until now. The 3rd and last part of the 2024 Newsletter from #EUFireProjectsUnited is focusing on Challenges & Synergies.


You can find the 3 parts of the 2nd newsletter from EUFireProjectsUnited on the TREEADS website at the following link: