TRUSTEE Workshop: “Cross-border data exchanges – From theory to reality!”

December 15, 2023

On December 1st, the 2nd Workshop for the TRUSTEE project titled "Cross-border data exchanges - From theory to reality!" was successfully held.


The meeting was organized by Velislava Tchakarova-Hillman (PhD), An Etoile Partner, with the help of Adrestia R&D.


The Workshop consisted of a detailed conversation in identifying needs, requirements, opportunities, and challenges from open data, data manipulation, AI, and the TRUSTEE platform!


Our AI Engineers/Researchers Georgios Nakas and Marios Siganos represented K3Y, which is the leading partner in the development of the TRUSTEE Explainable AI component.



During the session, K3Y presented an insightful demonstration of an XAI dashboard for the explanation of the inner workings of AI models. The dashboard is designed to provide a user-friendly interface, allowing for a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms driving AI predictions. K3Y showcased some of the features of this powerful tool, emphasizing transparency in the realm of artificial intelligence.



Find more information about the event here.