TRUSTEE’s Fifth Plenary Meeting & Fujitsu event: Embracing AI & Data space

June 4, 2024

TRUSTEE’s Fifth Plenary Meeting took place on May 15th and 16th, on the premises of Fujitsu, in Luxemburg. The partners of the TRUSTEE consortium convened from across Europe to discuss the advancement of the project, following the 1st Review.


Our team engaged deeply in discussions on the progress of each Work Package, showcasing our commitment to contributing to innovative technologies that pave the way for a more socially- and environmentally-aware future.


More specifically, during the plenary meeting, K3Y Ltd presented the latest advances in explainable AI within the TRUSTEE platform and validated its application across various pilots and data modalities. Moreover, our team presented the outcomes from the analysis of Key Exploitable Results (KERS) defined by TRUSTEE partners. This analysis covered intellectual property (IPR), market and competitor landscape, business models, and both internal and external strategic analyses (SWOT and PESTLE).



On May 16th, Fujitsu hosted an event featuring the insightful 'Embracing AI & Data Space' session, which provided valuable insights into AI security, including safeguarding data, mitigating bias, and fortifying against potential hacks from LLM.