UP2030 – Bringing Science into Action: Climate Resilient Urban Design in Rio de Janeiro

July 1, 2024

Climate resilient urban development aims at achieving climate neutrality and adaptation while concurrently improving well-being of people and ecosystems (IPCC WGII, 2022), and demands concerted global collaboration and a strong commitment in promoting opportunities for knowledge exchange between Global North and Global South networks and cities. Accordingly, UP2030 is developing an international transfer pilot in Rio de Janeiro with the aim to amplify the Climate Neutrality and Smart Cities Mission's influence on a global scale while advancing the EU's science diplomacy agenda.


In the context of UP2030 project, UCCRN as global research network is contributing at this goal by actively collaborating with TU DELFT, City Liaison of Rio de Janeiro pilot, to tailor synergies and built-up opportunities for collaboration with local stakeholders, such as city officials and research institutions.


With the proposition to create synergies for climate research and action in Rio de Janeiro and Latin America, a series of exchange knowledge activities have been developed between 25th March-7th April 2024.


Take a look at this very interesting blog post from UP2030 and learn more about these activities. Moreover, read about the Urban Design Climate Workshop (UDCW) toolkit, a comprehensive and innovative solution designed to empower urban stakeholders in addressing climate change challenges by integrating advanced GIS and parametric design tools, collaborative mapping and co-design exercises.


Read the full post here.