Belfast City joining forces with Design Clips within UP2030 project

April 19, 2024

Through UP2030 project, Belfast seeks to create a framework that will be applied in all its regeneration projects that integrates tree planting, green infrastructure, play and co-design with young people. The framework will be tested in the Linen Quarter district, which has been identified of becoming the first sustainable and net zero business district in Northern Ireland.


Recently, the city of Belfast organized various workshops – “Living Labs” (LLs) - to inform the local stakeholders about the UP2030 project and collaboratively shape the project's interventions. During these workshops, participants identified key challenges within their areas, voiced their needs, and shared aspirations for their neighborhoods. The highlighted priority urban challenges were : lack of green spaces, numerous vacant and derelict areas within the neighborhoods, lack of playgrounds and recreational spaces for families, high rates of mental illnesses in adults, lack of trust in government, lack of community’s buy in for neighborhood’s public spaces.


Take a look at this very interesting blog post from UP2030 and read how the city of Belfast teamed up with Design Clips, an urban design studio focusing on participatory planning approaches, to actively engage children and youth in the design of strategic small scale urban interventions that aim to improve the spatial and environmental quality of the Linen Quarter District.


Read the full post here.