EU publishes second report on member states’ progress in implementing Toolbox on 5G cybersecurity

July 31, 2023

The security of 5G networks is a major priority for the European Commission and an essential component of its Security Union Strategy, as those networks are a central infrastructure, providing the foundation for a wide range of services essential for the functioning of the internal market and the maintenance and operation of vital societal and economic functions.


The EU member states, with the support of the European Commission and ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, published a second progress report on the implementation of the EU Toolbox on 5G cybersecurity, which aims to address risks related to the cybersecurity of 5G networks.


The report provides an updated overview of the state of play of the implementation of the Toolbox by member states and covers the implementation of the strategic and technical measures of the EU Toolbox.


In addition to the progress report, the Commission has also adopted a Communication on the implementation of the toolbox by member states and in the EU’s own corporate communications and funding activities.





The EU Toolbox on 5G cybersecurity (EU Toolbox) published in January 2020 by Member States' authorities (NIS Cooperation Group), with the support of the Commission and ENISA, aims to address risks related to the cybersecurity of 5G networks. It identifies and describes a set of strategic and technical measures, as well as corresponding supporting actions to reinforce their effectiveness, which may be put in place to mitigate the risks identified in the report on an EU coordinated risk assessment of 5G cybersecurity, which was based on national risk assessments.



Read the press release that European Commission issued and find the report here.