TREEADS – Capacity building workshop on management practices for the restoration of degraded Mediterranean forest landscapes

June 30, 2023

A successful workshop was held in Hammamet, Tunisia; on March 14-17, 2023. The TREEADS partner Universitat de Girona was there to represent the project with a presentation entitled “Post-fire Decision Support System, TREEADS solution tool for post-fire management”.

The main aim of the workshop was to share knowledge related to the restoration of degraded Mediterranean forest landscapes with a focus on how to assess and plan restoration, which interventions should be chosen, ANR, and also the role of forest genetic resources: what is ANR, when is ANR appropriate, factors to consider in setting up ANR, basic procedures to put in place, post-fire restoration strategies, recovery and improvement of biodiversity, financial resources available for ANR and restoration. The scope of this workshop was to help participants better understand the context of Mediterranean forest and landscape restoration, as well as to focus on effective and cost-effective restoration and rehabilitation of forests and biodiversity.

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