UP2030’s synergies: Achieving Climate Neutrality through Collaboration

May 17, 2024

One of the key goals of UP2030 project is to ensure uptake – that is, to maximize impact in reaching climate neutrality through sustainable urban planning and design. That means going beyond the pilot cities involved directly in UP2030 to bring their experimentation and co-creation activities to a broader audience, including other related projects and initiatives. In service of shared goals like the EU Mission: Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, UP2030 frequently engages and collaborates with platforms like NetZeroCities, as well as projects like Re-Value and CLIMABOROUGH that fall under the Urban Planning and Design Cluster.


Under the context of UP2030 project, our partners from ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability provided a very interesting blog post which delves into the collaborative efforts of UP2030 and its partners towards achieving climate neutrality.


Read the full post here.